Universal Stress Course

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The Universal Stress Course is a premium course designed to create a greater understanding of the 4 primary types of stress: traumatic, environmental, psychological and existential. The Universal Stress Course teaches you the seminal BASE-R Method™ and 25 skills for self-regulation, building resilience and creating greater vitality in life.  


Universal Intro and Framing

This module introduces this signature course on stress, resilience, and recovery. By understanding the nature of "universal stress" - including traumatic, environmental, psychological and existential - we can better take action in overcoming these barriers.  The intro and framing set the stage for working with the BASE-R Method™.  

18:58 min

USC Neurophysiology

How the brain, body and nervous system interact and react to stress are vital to understanding the neurophysiological impulses that drive much of the stress resposne.  No amount of positive thinking will override these instinctual patterns however knowing the mechanisms can lead to redically different choices. 

34:51 min

USC Autonomic Regulation

As humans we are driven in large part by the unconscious patterns of the automomic nervous system. And yet, we can learn to master some of the most fundamental parts of this system much to our advantage.  Here we'll cover the basics of what you need to know as you're heading into the skills section of BASE-R™.

29:16 min

USC Awareness

It's not easy but it's manditory to manage stress and heal from trauma: you must learn to direct your attention and manage your internal awareness.

25:44 min

USC Modeling and Rehearsal

We learn by watching others - consciously or subconsciously. When we deliberately model after a mentor or hero, we are turning on the mirror neurons that will lead us to greater states of mastery.

34:18 min

USC Managing Energy and Emotions

The power of emotion is often under appreciated. When we understand the impact of emotion on neurological impulses and learn to direct  our HRV (heart rate variabiity) we stand in an entirely new arena for becoming the master of our domain.

20:36 min

USC Recovery - Part I

Recovery is the balance and antidote to all extended performance.  It's also a complex layering of skills, practices and patterns.  In this section, you will learn the basics of effective recovery including sleep strategies and techniques.  

27:13 min

USC Recovery - Part 2

EVENPULSE Director of Training, Elizabeth Robinson guides you through this revolutionary technique for releasing held tension, accessing new levels of relaxation physically, mentally and emotionally, and returning to homeostasis within the musculature of the body.

21:00 min