Start 2018 Strong - Step 1

Beyond Resolutions - 5 Steps to Create the Year You Desire

Why is it that New Year’s resolutions seem to fail, and how do we set ourselves up to make the changes we most desire? This series of articles will provide you five steps to upload the skills, mindset, and baseline capability to go where you want in 2018.

Step 1 – Set Your Intention

You’ve heard it a thousand times before. And like repeating, “I love you” to those you care about – IT’S STILL RELEVANT!! While setting your intent, getting clear is paramount. What do you want to manifest in your life? What are you dreaming in for yourself - personally, professionally or financially?

The reality is that most of us spend too much time concentrating on what IS rather than what we want, what might be, or where we are going. That’s totally natural but not very helpful. The pain and discomfort of “where things are” can strongly motivate change rather than being the baseline for creating our dreams. When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired allow that state to inform how things will be different as you welcome new changes into your life.

As Elizabeth pointed out in her blog article “A Positive Twist to End 2017”, you can find gems inside the challenges from last year. Part of the skill, here, is converting patterns of behavior, ways of being and operating, into a new framework. So, for example, listen for your operating metaphors (the statements you make repeatedly in your own mind) such as, “I never get anything done fast” or “Change is too overwhelming.” You must shift that mindset and affirm that “Change is welcome, and even fun to experience!” or whatever statement works for you. Remember, it’s the little things you do every day – consistently – that add up to big changes.

Inspiration is also vital to setting your intensions for 2018. Elizabeth has often said in training and coaching, “You can’t get there from not here.” I am continually amazed by how many people I talk to who know exactly what they don’t want but have little or no vision for what they do want. And guess what they’re going to get?? What they DON’T want! It’s a proven equation! So take the time get clear on what you want and aim your intentions in that direction.

Set some time aside to be still, and reflect on your strongest desires. Breathe deeply and regularly as you connect with WHAT YOU WANT. Maybe you feel inspired to finally go after for a long-held dream. Or maybe it’s more time off from work or more time with your family. How about more adventure, and cool experiences or getting fit and making lifestyle and nutrition changes? What combination of desires brings you a sense of excitement and motivation?

This process can be pleasurable but it’s nothing more than a mental exercise unless you’re willing to start taking action. So, what are you willing to do today, however small, to set the ball in motion? What strategy can you employ to bring these changes into your reality?

For example, let’s say I want to spend more quality time with my spouse, and we have 3 kids, two demanding jobs, house payments, parental health issues, and a myriad of responsibilities. What small step might we take, even once a week, to get that time with each other? Is it spliced between taking the kids to soccer practice, or having someone watch them on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon? Is there a brief window in the evening after the kids have eaten dinner and are doing homework or getting ready for bed?  How can we creatively solve this puzzle?

Express your desires to your spouse/partner or friend, and ask them to share their desires and intentions in return. Speaking our intentions aloud also helps to anchor them and create accountability partners to check in with as the months roll on. It’s also vital to WRITE YOUR INTENTIONS DOWN ON PAPER OR DIGITALLY. This gives you a marker to look back on as you start manifesting your dreams into reality.

Get moving on you New Year Decrees today with Step 1 – Setting Your Intentions for 2018.