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Stress and anxiety are mounting in society today, affecting every level of performance and quality-of-life. To master this unruly part of our nature requires that we connect with a force more powerful than ourselves. It's a practice, an art form, and a science. More than that, it's a commitment to evolve, if we choose.

Our philosophy is that we can rise up from the debilitating effects of stress and the stress-response in our lives and begin turning on higher and higher human potentials, from neurological to spiritual, that give us incredible power to change the course of our habituations. We are meant for more. We are meant to evolve beyond the primitive survivalist we're programmed to be and step into our true highest potential as human beings.

Stephen Robinson, Founder and CEO

Stephen Robinson, Founder and CEO

Stephen Robinson, MA, directs the planning, development, and facilitation of EvenPulse® training and programs. The focus is on stress-mitigation and self-regulation for the optimal performance of athletes, executives, military personnel, law enforcement, first-responders, health care professionals, and individual human beings seeking to improve their quality-of-life.

Stephen received his BA in Political Science and History from Hampden-Sydney College, his MA in Political Science from University of Richmond, and completed his Master's Thesis on U.S. Military Special Operations Forces and Low-Intensity Conflict. Stephen’s research was utilized in Congressional testimony by members of the Special Operations Policy Advisory Group - SOPAG (retired General Officers advising the Pentagon and Executive Branch), regarding the formation of United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).  

Stephen intensively studied US National Security issues, foreign affairs, and international conflict, focusing specifically on military special operations. He’s taught college Political Science and has served 25 years as a corporate trainer, peak performance coach, fitness trainer, and consultant to a diverse range of clients on overcoming self-limiting behaviors to maximize potential. Stephen’s clients include corporate executives and leaders in business, finance, government, and education. He has played and coached professional tennis at the tour level, coached two nationally-ranked college tennis teams and several professional players, and is a 30-year member and Elite Professional in the United States Professional Tennis Association. He has over twenty-years of experience in the martial arts and sees them as portals to wisdom within warriorship and leadership combined.

In 2017, MAGIS Group rebranded as EvenPulse: The Science of Human Resilience. Stephen and his interdisciplinary team have trained over 20,000 people in high-stress, high-performance jobs including two Army Brigade Combat Teams, FEMA, and 3 of the 4 USSOCOM component commands, including the Army Green Berets and Navy SEALs.

"If you want to do what you do better, I recommend you ask Stephen to show you how." Brian Layer, Brigadier General (Ret), President RL Leaders

Elizabeth Robinson, Founder and VP

Elizabeth Robinson is co-founder and President of EvenPulse. She has helped to customize and deliver this self-mastery process to athletes, executives, military personnel, law enforcement, first-responders, health care professionals, and individual human beings seeking to raise their consciousness and quality-of-life.  

Elizabeth holds an MA in public relations/journalism and extensive studies in contemplative and mindfulness practices. Her continued studies on healing, recovery and resilience led her to work with renowned teachers, including 10 years under the guidance of Dr. David Berceli, trauma therapist and developer of TRE™- Tension Release Exercise; and the tutelage of Dr. Robert Scaer, Neurologist and author of The Trauma Spectrum and 8 Keys to Brain-Body Balance.

Elizabeth’s own journey from stress to strength and from trauma to transformation is culminated by the founding of MAGIS Group LLC in 2003. Together, she and her husband Stephen, created, developed and delivered a system for applied resilience that’s been taught to over 20,000 people in high-stress, high-performance arenas. The training is the focus of a $3M independent research study that shows dramatic improvement in resilience and overall well-being of those who took and practiced the methodology. (Visit the Science page.) MAGIS Group rebranded in 2017 as EvenPulse: The Science of Human Resilience.

In addition to starting six businesses (three of which are still operational), Elizabeth has 25 years of experience as a trainer and facilitator. As an EVENPULSE Coach, she works with individuals to go to the roots of the human condition and learn to drive their experience via the balancing and merging of mind, body, emotion and spirit in business and in life. Those that receive her coaching see their biggest improvements in inner leadership, authentic and clear communication, and the ability shift anxiety and overwhelm into higher states of performance and recovery.

Elizabeth Robinson, Founder and VP

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