Do Your Surroundings Inspire Resilience?

What you surround yourself with is important.  The images, words, books, videos, art, gear, and, yes, even friends, around you makes a BIG difference to your attitude and approach to life.  All of these surroundings are symbols of your life experience and create an impact on your attention.

Take a look at your office, your bedroom, your space. 

  • Friends – who are you closest friends and how do they affect your mindset and attitude? Do they help build you up toward the best version of who you can be, or do they drag you down?
  • Books – what are you reading? Do your readings inspire you and contribute to your knowledge and understanding of life?
  • Videos - what are you watching?  Do the movies, documentaries, or youtube/vimeo feeds strengthen your awareness and connection to life or do they divert and distract you from that?
  • Art – do the pieces of art on your walls add beauty to your life?
  • Flowers/plants – do you add to your environment through plants and flowers and add aesthetic or care-giving energy through them?
  • Gear – does fitness, yoga, or other gear adorn your environment to remind you to train and do good work with your body or are they clothes hangers?
  • Images – what images surround you and do they help you see a greater potential in life?
  • Words – do you have words and phrases around you that are bumping your attention toward what you want to develop in your life?

Doing an inventory of these areas will give you a good idea of how the symbols around you will contribute to your growth – or not.  Write down a note or 2 about each area, and see what you can do to add to them.  The symbols in your environment will guide your mind and brain, often subconsciously, and add or detract from your quality of life.  It’s your environment; mold and shape it through intention, placement, and focused awareness.  

See if in the coming weeks you can be more engaged and more purposeful in what you surround yourself with - then notice what these placements do for yor mindset, attitude, and approach.