Doug Kechijian - Specialization for Performance

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Dr. Doug Kechijian, physical therapist and former Air Force PJ, talks about specialization and generalization for performance enhancement.

For the uninitiated, the role of Air Force PJs is unusual within the military and special operations, as their primary role has been to rescue downed pilots behind the lines (denied areas).  The role has broadened in the modern spectrum and requires that PJs be well-rounded in their ability to extract service members in hostile terrain while providing field emergency medical support.

Doug is currently co-owner and developer of Resilient Performance, a training company based out of New York City.  He holds a Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) and has a comprehensive background in physical fitness, proper training, intelligent recovery, and, of course, in military special operations.  

The Special Operations Warrior (SOW) Series captures thought leaders from across the components of Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine special operations, plus Special Mission Units within the Joint Special Operations Command and within other government agencies (OGA).